TLC Awards Golden State Teacher Grants

LAKE COUNTY, CALIF. (September 12, 2022) - The Lake County Office of Education is pleased to award its first Golden State Teacher Grants to intern teachers Jennifer Adams and Melanie Rose.

Jennifer is a teacher at Lucerne Elementary School and Melanie is a teacher at Terrace Middle School. Both teachers are in their second year of the Teach Lake County program.

Teach Lake County is a local, affordable teaching credential program administered by the Lake County Office of Education.

To receive a Golden State Teacher Grant, you must be an intern teacher enrolled in an accredited credentialing program and have committed to teaching in a Priority School for at least 4 years.

A priority school is one that has more than 55 percent of pupils classified as English Learners, eligible for free or reduced-price meals, or current foster youth.

The TLC program allows people with bachelor’s degrees to obtain their teaching credential in multiple subject (elementary school) or mild/moderate special education.

If you are interested in earning your teaching credential through the Teach Lake County program, visit the TLC webpage.